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The Conjuring House Game also is known as The Dark Occult is a first-person horror game based on The Conjuring Movie. You can download this game and have a great time while playing it.

The Conjuring House Game: The Dark Occult Review

The Conjuring House begins with, a journalist, who is investigating the mysterious death of the owner of Atkinson House. You arrive at the exact home and soon you discover that you’re not going to be allowed to leave. A demonic woman holds power over the house and tries to haunt you down. In order to kill her, you need to find a selection of some stuff that is mentioned in the book that can help you to break her up. But sadly one item out of five stuff that you actually need is missing. You need to find out what is that fifth stuff, An angry ghost, a need to escape, and a mystery to solve. I think that is well enough to attract you to this game. If you will not sure about playing this game then read the full review.

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The opening does a great job of building tension by messing around you and doing such stuff with you. You are vulnerable and helpless against attack. So either you will be hiding or running which will take up most of your time between puzzles. This is where you are not sure when this thing might happen, it happens all of a sudden the game here deserves credit The Conjuring House from the perspective of the surrounding does a great job. The creaking of the house, the movement of furniture are just some of the ways you will be freaked out and some of the illusions that hits your mind whether you saw demonic stuff or only a shadow that is fucking around you These moments definitely cause a reaction in you The demonic lady is the main rival here but trust me she is not the only one. Other strange horrors appear throughout the game and give you something new to be chased by. The Conjuring House definitely looks huge like a maze with many doors to unlock and keys to find and puzzles to solve meanwhile. The household is gorgeous as it is haunting. The lighting, in particular, is excellent at showcasing the classic architecture of the building. The glow of candles, the feeling of unpleasant isolation in a world of horrors. While the story and scares fade out of towards the end, the places within the house only get more interesting. Since you are being hunted by demons and wicked spirits as you search for clues and solutions. the game can take you far longer than you will probably want it to and longer than should be allowed.

Graphics and Visuals

I can not say that I do not like the graphics. But these days there are hundreds of games with great graphics quality. This game can not match up with those. However, it requires less PC configuration to play at the highest settings. Now, this is great news for most horror game lovers. The animations of the characters are great, the jumpscares can easily make you afraid. You can not be careless while playing this game. Because there will be an unexpected happening so often that you will be busy with handling them.


You can use either a Gamepad or Mouse and Keyboard while playing this game. I really like the controls of this game. Controlling the playing character is easier compare to my favorite horror game The Evil Within and Resident Evil 4. Mouse sensitivity is stable and easy to adaptable.  Any casual game will learn to play this game within little no time.



You may become sad after reading this that The Conjuring House has an only single-player mode. I really liked this game and wished if there was also a multiplayer mode.


Why did The Conjuring House Game name get changed?

The Conjuring House was later changed to The Dark Occult. I could not able to find any official news about this. However, I think there are some legal reasons behind this according to the discussion on the steam community. Another reason can be that the Conjuring franchise did not like this game.



  • Intel Core i3-530 or better Processor.
  • 6 GB or more Ram.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or better Graphics Card.
  • 10 GB or more Hard Disk Space.


  • Intel Core i5 or better Processor.
  • 8 GB or more Ram.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or better Graphics Card.
  • 10 GB or more Hard Disk Space.

The Conjuring House Game: The Dark Occult Free Download

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