(Free) EA Sports Cricket 2019 Download For PC

I was playing the free version of the cricket 2018 game on my gaming PC. Feeling bored while playing this game and started thinking I should play the next version called EA Cricket 2019. But is it available for free?

I start searching on google and found that EA Sports Cricket 2019 download is free. I continued searching and couldn’t stop myself from downloading EA Cricket 2019 and playing on my PC.

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EA Sports Cricket 2019 Overview

EA Sports Cricket 2019, also known as EA Sports Cricket 19 is not the official version of EA Sports. However, You will still like to play this game and search on google like me. But is it is playable and worth downloading on your PC? You can continue reading and find out whether you want to download cricket 19 or not.

User Interface Menu

The user menu interface is quite good and almost perfect. The outlook is nice, everything is present but you have to face difficulties while finding the settings. Because it is titled “My cricket” instead of “Settings”. The mouse cursor doesn’t work properly. However, you can easily navigate the menus by using the keyboard. Use aero keys to hover any option and press “S” to select the option. Press “W” to go back to the previous option.

User Interface Menu

Sound and Music

I can not stop myself stop praising the sound and music. The click sound in the menu section is quite good. There numerous music available including all team anthem of IPL. Some English popular songs are available. You can also turn off any music that you don’t want to hear. Now, let’s come to the main section, the gameplay sound. Shorts playing sounds are very good and the commentary is excellent. You will feel the real excitement of a cricket match.

Cricket is getting boring. Upgrade commentators.

A Cricket Commentator can make boring match exciting.
Sound and Music


The good news is you can play EA Cricket 19 with your keyboard. So, you don’t need to buy any game pad or controller to play this game. There two different controlling settings, Batting and bowling.

Batting Controls: You can use the aero keys to select short directions. Use “W” and “S” to play defensive short, use “A” to duck the short bowl, and leave the bowl that is outside of the off stump. You can use “D” to play a front foot or advance shot. And use “Shift” for playing lofted shots. Judge the ball before playing the short will increase the chances of getting boundaries.

Batting Controls

Bowling Controls: While bowling, you can use the aero keys to select the bowling pitch area. Use “A” to select the pitch point and use “S” to confirm the pitch point. You can also confuse the batsman with a fake pitch point by using “D”. Select the pitch point according to your fielding set to get wickets.

Bowling Controls


The graphics is very good for a game patch. The developer did great job adding the pictures of real and popular cricket players. It keeps the excitement of cricket while navigating the menu before starting a match. You can not play this game at full HD. It supports up to 1600×1200 resolution that is more than enough according to me. We can not expect more from a fan made game. However, you can force details to high, turn on shadows and set anti aliasing up to 4x. The bowling ad batting animations are quite good. But I didn’t like the fielding animation.


Game Modes

There many exciting game mode available in the Cricket 19 game including International and Domestic series. Lets take a basic overview of the game modes.

The Ashes: The great rivalry of the ashes series between Australia and England is available to experience. You can play with your favorite team, select Australia or England to start the series. All the excitement and rivalry with sledging, the ashes is one of the most popular series in cricket history. You can also get the same experience while playing this game.

PSL 2019: You don’t to need to be a fan of Pakistan team to like the Pakistani premier league. Almost all country’s players play at this domestics level tournament. You can choose your favorite team and play till becoming the champion of the Pakistani premier league.

BBL 2019: Big Bash League is one of the most popular franchise league. You can also play this tournament with your favorite team. You can experience all the excitement and competitive environment of BBL while playing the mode of EA Cricket 19.

VIVO IPL 2019: The wait is over, Indian Premier League 2019 is also available for you. As we know, IPL is the most popular franchise cricket league. You may want to download EA Sports Cricket 19 only to play this mode. I know you can not stop yourself to start playing it. If you are fan of Virat Kohli you can select RCB and make Virat Kohli lifting the winning Trophy of IPL.

CPL 2018: The Caribbean Premier League is also available and available for you to play. But it is not the latest version. However, you can still experience the high scoring T20 matches of CPL while playing with your favorite team.

Nidahas Trophy 2018: Remember the so called semifinal between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka? Remember the high voltage final match Between India and Bangladesh of Nidahas Trophy? You can now experience the high voltage matches while playing with your favorite team.

ICC Test Championship: Good News! for you if you are a fan of test matches. The ICC Test Championship Phase 1 and Phase 2 are also available on Cricket 19. You can become the test Champion with your favorite team and lift the ICC Trophy.

Game Modes

Create A Player

You can also create your favorite player and play with him. Customize everything from his batting and bowling abilities to the shape of his forehead. When you are done, add him to the squad then had to the cricket ground and see him in action.

Create A Player

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is EA Sports making a cricket game?

EA sports stopped making Cricket games after Cricket 2007. If we believe the rumors EA will launch a new cricket game soon. But the vice president of EA Sports confirmed that they are not planning to make any Cricket Games.

Can we download EA Sports Cricket 2019 for PC?

Yes, you can download EA Sports Cricket 2019 from Fever of Games. You can download it free of cost and play on your PC or Laptop. However, It is not the official version, it is the patch for Cricket 2007.

Can I run cricket 19?

Yes, you can run cricket 19 without any problem with having any configurations on your PC or Laptop. Download EA Cricket 19 from Fever of Games unzip it with 7zip or WinRAR and start playing it.

Does Cricket 19 have IPL?

Yes, Cricket 19 has the IPL available to play. I played IPL in EA Cricket 19 without having any problem. You can also get the game from Fever of Games and start to play Indian Premier League.

Is Cricket 19 available on laptops?

Yes, Cricket 19 is available for laptops. You can get EA Sports Cricket from Fever of Games and play on any laptop.

How do I download and install EA Sports Cricket 2019 for PC?

To properly download and install EA Cricket 19 follow all the steps. The steps are divided into two parts.

How to Download?

  • Click on the download button.
  • Click on the submit request button.
  • The download will start automatically (Use IDM).

How to install?

  • Go to the download directory.
  • Unzip the file with 7zip.
  • Start playing the game.

System Requirements

  • Core 2 Duo or Better Processor
  • 1 Gb or Higher Ram
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 Operating System
  • 2 GB or more Hard Disk Space.


Click on the below button to download EA Cricket 2019 and start playing it on your PC or Laptop. If you face any difficulties while installing or playing this leave a comment below.

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