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Today, I will talk about a game that you like most. It’s a game of a superhero character named Spiderman. It is one of the most popular comic characters of Marvel. Most of the superhero character-loving fans also like the game of Spiderman.

I am also a fan of Spiderman and love to play Spiderman Games. We have played lots of Spiderman and Marvel Games. But this game brings some new and interesting things. I have played this game for a long time and now I would love to share the experience with you. And make The Amazing Spider Man game download for PC available for you.


Inherently, Spiderman is a superhero game. It’s an action, adventure, third-person single-player game. We all know that Spiderman helps people, save their life, and fight with the supervillains and their armies. The main villain of this game is Lizard. Besides Lizard, there are more villains which include, Alistaire Smythe, Rhino, Vermin, and Black Cat.

You would be glad to know that this game is based on the events of “ The Amazing Spiderman” movie, released in 2012.

In essence, gaming movement, webbing from wrists used for shooting web, web strike, web fast move, swinging by web everything I loved. You will get separate missions and need to complete one-by-one missions to unlock the next missions.

For example- one mission was a supervillain with their tech came to destroy a city and try to kill you and you needed to stop them, fight with them, and save the city that’s how it’s going to be.


The year of 2012 is so memorable for the gamers. Because of this year, we have so many amazing games like Max Payne 3, Hitman Absolution, Medal of Honor, Warfight, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3, Dishonored, Darksiders 2, COD Black Ops 2, Sleeping Dogs, and Prototype 2. Among all of these great games, The Amazing Spiderman is also a must-try game.

The good news is that the graphics of this game are great compared to the other games released in 2012. Even in recent times, the graphics also look great and I really enjoyed playing it. You would be glad to know that, you can play it in full HD mode.

You should turn on other graphics options like Depth of field, Motion Blur, texture filtering, etc to get the best experience. This is one of the best customizable graphics systems I’ve ever seen. You can customize the graphics before launching it using the game Launcher.


I have already mentioned that The Amazing Spiderman Game is a third-person single-player game. Here you can fight with villains and supervillains using Spider-Man’s hand and web. You can get the experience of playing shooting games by using web shooting. There will be only one mission available once you start playing this game for the first time. The rest of the missions will be locked. The locked missions will be unlocked once you complete the available missions. By completing missions and fighting with villains, you can get points. You can use these points to upgrade your skills. Upgrading your skills will help you to complete the advanced missions easily.

During a fight, it’s common to get hit by enemies. Then the question is how to recover yourself. Don’t worry because Spiderman gets to recover himself. But it needs some time to recover. Otherwise, if you get continuously hit by villains, you will be eliminated. Then you need to start from the last checkpoints.

Sound and Music

Nothing to say about this game’s sound and music. One single word Awesome is enough to express my feelings about the sound and music. I really enjoyed Spiderman’s funny dialogues, Villain aggressions and dialogues, background music, and fighting sounds. So I must say the developers did a great job synchronizing the sound effects.

Sound and Music of Amazing Spiderman

If anyone plays this game while turning off the sound, he will make a great mistake. Because without sound this game will not be enjoyable.


You need to play this game by using both your mouse and keyboard together. You can use the mouse to change the camera and Spiderman’s direction. Moreover, the mouse is also used for spider web, swinging, web strike, and many other moves while playing this game.

Controls of Amazing Spiderman

You also need to use the common keyboard buttons “W”, “A”, “S”, and “D” while playing this game. There are more keyboard buttons are required for some special attract. But the good thing is that you don’t need to remember those buttons. Because you will see them on the screen when you need to press those buttons.

Game Modes

The Spiderman Game has only one game mode which is the Story Mode. However, there are some difficulty modes. You need to choose from Human, Hero, and Superhero. After completing all the chapters you can play whatever chapter you want.

I really loved Alistaire Smythe, Rhino, Vermin, and Black Cat chapters. 

Difficulties of Amazing Spiderman

So whenever I feel bored, I play the chapters that have the mentioned characters. Because I really like these characters.

I almost forget to tell you that, there are some Extras. When you complete a mission the Extra missions will be unlocked. This will make you more addicted to this game.


I really enjoyed this game while playing it. But there should be some improvements. It would be great if they added some crossovers of Wolverine, Venom, and Carnage. If this happened it would blow our minds. However, this is my personal recommendation, you may or may not agree with me.


Your PC should meet the following requirements for playing the Amazing Spider Man Game.


  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Core to duo 2.6 GHZ or better processor
  • 3 GB or higher Ram


  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Core to duo 2.6 GHZ or better processor
  • 4 GB or higher Ram
  • At least Nvidia GeForce 285 GTX or better Graphics card

User Interface

This game’s user interface is easy to understand and great according to me. There are no extra things. Only the important things are added including New Games, Settings, and Extra option.

Don’t worry if you have a low-end PC. Because you can customize the Graphics setting according to your Computer’s configuration. The customization options are one of the best things I liked about this game.

So in short I can say that the developer did a great job. They have thought about the mass gamers and added the options to make the game playable also for the low-end PC users. That’s why I loved The Amazing Spiderman interface.


Can you download The Amazing Spiderman?

Yes, you can download The Amazing Spiderman Game on your PC. But always try to download free games from trusted sources like Fever of Games.

Can you play The Amazing Spiderman on a low-end PC?

Yes, you can play The Amazing Spiderman on a low-end PC. Because you can customize graphics as per your requirements. I told you before that it’s the best customizable graphics that I have ever seen. For that, you need to open the game launcher and customize your graphics as your PC configuration.

Can I play The Amazing Spiderman on a laptop?

Yes, of course, you can play on a laptop. No need to worry about it if you have lower system laptop. I told you before you can play low-end PC builds by synchronizing the graphics system.

The Amazing Spider Man Game Download for PC

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