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Nowadays most of us are Marvel fans. There are many villains and heroes that we are fans of. But there is a Deadpool who is an anti-hero character, who is a funny and rash character. I like him very much. Every time in a movie or comic reading time, I wish that there was a game Deadpool. After many years later I found it and also decided to make it available for you to download Deadpool game for PC. It is a highly compressed version so you can also download it if you have a slow Internet.

It was 2013 when the game was released for Windows, PlayStation and Xbox. You can play it on Windows 7, and Windows 10, nowadays you can also play it on Windows 11.

Deadpool Game Overview

Basically, Deadpool is a mutant. He has superpowers like recovering himself. In this game, you can fight with supervillains and villain’s armies by slashing them. You can also shoot to kill them. I mean you will also get a shooting feel. Everything is amazing here. We all know Deadpool is also a funny character. 

So you will be satisfied by his funny dialogue and killing in this game. Here you will get separate missions and tasks like getting into the enemies’ area then fighting them, slashing them, shooting them, and destroying all the setups of the enemies’ area. Further, inform all of you that those who are single-player and third-person game lovers must fall in love with the Deadpool game. 


The game was released in 2013. In this year there were many games released like Saints Row 4, GTA 5, last of Us, Assassins Creed black flag, etc. So if I compare them deadpool graphics should have a little more development. But overall its graphics are good enough. 

Those who have low-end PCs don’t be sad. Because there you can customize graphics so that you can play this game in lower graphics. Deadpool has three types of graphics low, Medium, and high. So you can change the resolution where the maximum is “ 1366*768”. The best part is that you can play this game either in full screen or in window mode. You also can play this game by turning off and on Vsync. That’s how I love it.


I was informed before that Deadpool is a third-person single-player slasher and shooter. You can kill enemies by using double-handed swords and double guns. By killing villains and passing missions you will get points so that you can upgrade your like skills, and change swords and guns. By upgrading I got plasma guns and giant hammers which I liked most and there are many other weapons that you will love.

I almost forgot that there is a moving skill which is an amazing skill. Every time I use this skill during a fight with a boss or an army of villains. It is a teleportation move. By using this skill it also gives damage for opponents.

I said before that Deadpool is recovering himself. So if you get hit by enemies you will recover but the problem is it’s not immediately recovered. This will need some time to recover otherwise you will be eliminated and you can restart from the last checkpoints.

Sound and Music

We all know Deadpool is an aggressive and funny character. If you are a gamer who likes to play games without sound, then you will miss the main attraction of this game. Which is the dialogue of Deadpool. So for this game, you should not turn off the audio. Deadpool’s funny dialogue and the music combination during the fight will make you attractive to this game. This will make you more excited about this game.


Like most of the PC Games Deadpool also has a similar type of control. You need to use both your keyboard and mouse while playing this game. Using the mouse you can change the direction of Deadpool or the camera. Moreover, you can use the left and right buttons to aim and shoot.

While using the keyboard you need to use W” “A” “S” and “D”. Use W to move forward, S to move backward, A to move on the left side and D to move towards the right side. Use Q for the light attack, E for the heavy attack, B for small teleportation, Space for the jump, and Double Space for the high jump. According to me, the controls are easy to use. I must say the developers did a great job making the game easy to control.

Game Modes 

Initially, there are no game modes. There are many chapters in this game. Starting it will be locked. You should complete one by one chapter which is one kind of story mode. After completing all of the chapters you can play whatever you want. 

Personally after completing all of the chapters, I played many times of the last three chapters where there is too much fight and major bosses. You would be glad to know that, there is a crossover of Wolverine in this game. The developers did a great job by adding an unforgettable moment for the fans.


Whenever I played this game every time I felt something that needed to improve. Which is the camera sensitivity. This game’s camera sensitivity is a little faster for me. I don’t know what will be by your side. That’s my personal opinion. Because of the faster camera sensitivity sometimes I feel dizzy after playing this game for a long time. For this sometimes I pause the game and I need fresh air to feel normal.

Deadpool Requirements

According to Requirements Lab, your PC should meet the below requirements to run the Deadpool game.

  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Core to duo 2.6 GHZ or better processor
  • 2 GB or higher Ram
  • At least 7 GB of free space on the Hard Disk or SSD

User Interface

The user interface is very good and for me it’s perfect. The background is Deadpool sitting on the sofa with a left-handed gun, which is unexpected. 

There is a campaign, challenges, setting, extras, and exit game. If you have a low-end PC then you should go to settings. Then you should select graphics then you can manage and customise graphics for your PC. You can also customize the sound if you feel it is noisy. Another good thing is you can also manage your controls. If you feel that you need to change control, you can change it easily.

In short, I can completely say that they made it a very customized interface. Who are game lovers, everyone should like this interface that is how they make it.

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Can You Download Deadpool?

Yes, you can download the Deadpool game on your PC from the Fever of Games site. Always try to download games from trusted sources.

Can you play Deadpool on a low-end PC?

Yes, You can play Deadpool on a low-end PC. For that, you need to customize the graphics of this game. Before playing the game you need Winrar to unzip this game. Then there is a “readme” file where you will find all of the steps that are required to run the game. 

Can I play Deadpool on a Laptop?

Yes, obviously in the very beginning, I said Deadpool has very customizable graphics for a low-end PC game. So don’t worry if you are a laptop user. You can easily play this game on a laptop.

Download Deadpool Game for PC Highly Compressed

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