EA Sports Cricket 2018 Download for PC

Many Cricket games lovers are looking for EA Sports Cricket 2018. But there is no official game released yet. So that we collect and make available to download EA Sports Cricket 2018 patch.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Overview

EA Sports Cricket 2018 also known as EA Cricket 18 is not the official game. It is a patch of EA Sports Cricket 07 which was developed by HB Studios. It is a cricket simulation game with all the excitement and real-life cricket match environment. The question is whether it is worth downloading Cricket 18 on your PC or not. You can decide that after reading the full review of this game. I am writing my personal experience after playing it.

User Interface Menu
You can find out every required thing in the start menu of cricket 18. Where you will find all game modes which are available to play and the required settings. I really like the cursor icon is a Cricket bat. But the sensitivity of the cursor is very bad. Which can be easily ignored as it is a fan-made game.

Sound and Music
I really like the songs which keep playing and changing while navigating through the user interface. When I first heard the songs I was feeling like watching a Cricket match on TV. As you all Cricket lover fans want to play while watching the Cricket match TV I also could not stop myself to start playing the game. The commentary while playing matches is good and enjoyable. It keeps a real-life cricket match environment. The batting and bowling sound effects are also enjoyable. There is also commentary features in the training mode as well. Which gives the feeling of practicing under a professional coach. I really like this feature very much.

You can play this game with your Keyboard. But You may face difficulties while playing for the first time whether you go batting or bowling. So, I have made a basic control tutorial so that it will be easier for you to learn to play this cricket game easily.

  • Batting Controls:- To perform different batting shots you have to use different keyboard buttons. Which may be confusing to you. So you can get some ideas from the following tips. Where I have provided button combinations of different shorts.
  1. Front Foot Defense- “S”
  2. Straight Drive- “Down + S”
  3. Cover Drive- “Down + Left + S”
  4. On Drive- “Down + Right + S”
  5. Sweep- “Up + Right + S”
  6. Square Drive “Left + S”
  7. Late Cut- “Up + Left + S”
  8. Flick/Lag Glance- “Right + S”
  9. Lofted Drive- “Shift + Down + S”
  10. Lofted Square Drive- “Shift + Left + S”
  11. Lofted Cover Drive= “Shift + Down + Left + S”
  12. Reverse Sweep- “Shift + Up + Left + S”
  13. Slog Sweep- “Shift + Up + Right + S”

Note: All the combinations are for Right Handed Batsman. Use Right instead of Left and Use Left instead of Right, for Let Handed Batsman.

  • Bowling Controls:- Use Right, Left, Up and Down keys to move the active cursor. Use “A” to set the pitch points and use “D” to set a fake pitch point.

The Graphics of this version of the EA Cricket game are below average. Is it is a fan-made game but still it is not up to the mark compared to other latest Cricket Games.  However, the detailing of batting, bowling, and running between the wickets is good. The cheerings of fans after hitting boundaries are enjoyable to look at. It makes the game more addictive to play.

Game Modes
There are many interesting playing modes of Cricket 18 games. Which includes Casual matches, International ICC tournaments, and Leagues. Let’s discuss all the leagues.

  • Casual match: In this mode, you can play with any Internation teams and choose from 5, 10, 20 or 50 over matches. It is the first mode you should try while playing this game for the first time.
  • International ICC tournaments: In this mode, you can choose from ICC world cup 2016/2016, ICC champions trophy 2017, Test Series between any International teams.
  • Ashes series: In this mode, you can enjoy the test series of the greatest Cricket rivalry teams Australia vs England.

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How do I download and install EA Sports Cricket 2018 for PC?

To properly download and install EA Cricket 18 follow all the steps. The steps are divided into two parts.
How to Download?

  • Click on the download button
  • Click on the submit request button
  • The download will start automatically (Use IDM)

How to install?

  • Go to the download directory
  • Unzip the with WinRAR or 7zip
  • Start playing the game.

System Requirements

  • Core 2 Duo or Better Processor
  • 1 Gb or Higher Ram
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 Operating System
  • 2 GB or more Hard Disk Space.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Free Download For PC Windows 7 and 10

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