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DiRT Rally Free Download – is a spin-off of the dirt franchise. This is a very serious a very focused simulation Esque rally driving focus but with some special experience.

DiRT Rally PC Download Overview

DiRT Rally was developed and published by Codemasters. It was released on 7 December 2015 for Microsoft Windows. This is an exciting and enjoyable racing game. It has Single-player and multiplayer modes.

Technical issues

I have had one and that is that I can’t run the game in full-screen. Now apparently, this is caused by having more than one monitor. So if you have more than one monitor you are not gonna be able to run the game in full-screen. I would have preferred to be able to run the game in full-screen. I am sure they will fix it. People are having another issue which is a game-breaking issue. So just a caveat if you are gonna buy this game just check quickly on the forums if they’ve fixed it or not. I think that they have already fixed all the technical issues by this time.

User Interface Manu

The user interface is nice and clean which could look a bit nicer. In terms of functionality, they work fine and easy-to-navigate. But there is no mouse navigation in the menus which is not really ok and they should probably fix. I think they will fix it soon.
I have no complaints about the graphics options. It has a large variety of graphics options. Including three different kinds of anti-aliasing, detail in trees, detail in tracks detail in roads detail in every texture in the game and the lighting detail is really good.
In terms of controls, there are tons of profiles for Xbox controllers and different kinds of wheels. There are some people with obscure wheel setups that are not working properly. But for the most part, if you have a standard wheel set up a standard Xbox 360 controller you could have no problems with controls in this game.

Graphics and Art Style

This is kind of one of the negative points of this game. It looks good but it also looks kind of the last generation. It looks very much like an Xbox 360 title. I get this vibe about this game that a small group of people within code masters have decided to sort of do this passion project rally game. They have used an old engine and some old assets. The thing looks old it doesn’t look bad but it looks old.  There are some low polygon assets, some low-res textures which looks a bit muddy and flat. Overall the cars look good. But the interiors are lacking in detail.


Overall the sound in this game is fantastic. Especially all the sound effects not just car stuff like engine sounds but there are tons of little details when you are driving. Especially in cockpit view wearing headphones tons of subtle detail the rocks hitting the car, little creeks and stuff in the body of the car. As you are like really pushing, it
feels fantastic and sounds fantastic. The really impressive aspects are the voice of the copilot. When he is speaking to you if you are going over rough terrain or you go over a jump, or you know you are really pushing the car, his voice will be affected by that. Like he is being affected by g-forces and vibration. It sounds really really really good. His voice will get shaky or when you go over a jump he will just completely stop talking and then resume again. When you land it adds tons of immersion. Which is really really a fantastic according to me.
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So really what you have here is sort of an event system and then different ways to play that event system. What you have is in custom the mode you can pick the car. You pick an area from there three areas which are Wales, Monaco, and Greece. Then you pick some stages and you build an event. The event is a series of like races that you do maybe three maybe four whatever you want to do. That is it you just race and you try and get the best times against the AI drivers. Essentially in career mode, they will give you an event against easy AI. Then you move up the ranks of AI so you will do one event with the open championship. I think it is quite easy.

Game Design

This is the big thing with this game and it is the core focus of this game. That is because it really is trying to be a simulation. I m not gonna get into whether or not it is a simulation because people will argue about that on the forums for the rest of time. So if you want to know about how much of a simulation or how much it is not a simulation. Go to the steam forums go to the Codemaster forums and just read the endless posters of people fighting about it. Personally, though I have played every Codemasters game since grid. I think yes and this is probably the most realistic in terms of handling, in terms of physics that I have seen Codemasters put out and it is the most serious game that I have seen them.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7, 8 or operating system.
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or better processor.
At least 4 GB or more Ram
At least 35 GB or more Dard Disk space.
Intel HD 4000 or better graphics card.

Recommended Requirements

Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system.
Intel Core i5 4670K or better processor.
At least 8 GB or more Ram
At least 35 GB or more Dard Disk space.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 or better graphics card.

DiRT Rally Free Download Full Version For PC

Click on below download button to start DiRT Rally. It is the full-free version of the game. Just download, play and enjoy it.

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