Among Us Game Free Download For Windows 10 and 11 PC

We have played many games before, such as action-adventure, shooting, and various other genres. We always encounter new elements in a game that make us more addicted to gaming. However, games are not just for fun or enjoyment. Many games also enhance brain capacity, memory development, and various other skills. Video games serve as excellent stress relievers.

From here, you can download the full version of the Among Us game for PC.

Among Us is one such game that not only entertains but also improves brain skills and memory sharpness. It’s also a great stress reliever.

Today, I’m introducing you to a completely new genre of game: Among Us.

Before downloading the full version of Among Us for PC, take a look at the in-depth review of the game.

Among Us Game Overview

This game was released in June 2018 and was developed and published by Innersloth, an American game studio. The game falls under the Party-Social Deduction genre and offers multiplayer mode. Initially released for Android, iOS, and Windows, it faced limited success. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it gained immense popularity. Due to its success, it was also released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2020.

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Among Us Gameplay

In Among Us, players can take on the roles of crew members and explore various maps. They must complete specific tasks, repair devices, and identify imposters without harming them. The game progresses through chapters with increasing difficulty and more imposters.

Among Us Gameplay

The main attraction of Among Us is its multiplayer mode, where players are divided into crew members and imposters. Crew members must complete tasks while identifying and avoiding imposters who aim to eliminate them.

There are multiple possible endings, including the crew winning by completing objectives or ejecting all imposters, and imposters winning by eliminating all crew members or sabotaging their missions.

The challenging and addictive nature of Among Us makes it a favorite among players. I’ve personally explored all the maps and enjoyed playing with my brothers and friends.

Among Us Game Graphics

Among Us Game Graphics

The game’s graphics resemble classic arcade games, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Although not graphically intensive, the colorful and playful visuals enhance the gaming experience, reminiscent of games from 2005.

Among Us Game Graphics 1

Among Us Game Sounds and Music

No need to say about this game’s sounds and music. Before I just share this game gameplay. Now you just make an idea of what the game will sound like.

Among Us Game Sounds and Music

This game sound takes you in your child hook arcade game. I hope you will also love this game’s sound and music.

Among Us Game Controls

The game’s controls are simple, requiring the use of a mouse and keyboard. The game provides instructions for newcomers, making it easy to learn and play.

Among Us Game Controls

Among Us Game Modes

You can play this game in 2 modes.

  1. Bot Mode
  2. Multiplayer Mode

Bot mode is simple. You just play this game with a computer. Noting else. 

Among Us Game Modes

But the Main attraction of this game is to play Multiplayer Mode. I already told you a lot of descriptions about Multiplayer Mode. So no need to again talk about this. But my personal

Among Us Game Modes 2

opinion is you just play this game one time in Multiplayer Mode with your gamer friend. I hope you will love this game and hard to leave this game. Cause I still play this game. It’s just my personal opinion. Just it.

Among Us Game Modes 1

Recommendation for Among Us Game

No recommendation for among us. They just made this game perfect for gamers. People who love challenges in games I hope they will love to play this game and enjoy while playing.

Requirements for Among Us Game

Before downloading the Among Us game you have to follow the below requirements. So you can understand whether you can run it on your PC or not.


  • CPU SSE2 Instruction Set Support
  • CPU Speed 1 GHz
  • RAM 512 MB
  • Video Card N/A
  • DirectX 9
  • HDD 250 MB
  • Windows XP


  • RAM 1 GB or higher
  • HDD 450 MB or higher
  • Pentium 4 or higher
  • DirectX 10 or higher
  • Windows 7, 10 

How to download the Among Us Game

  • Click the Download Button that will take you to the download page
  • Wait for a while
  • Click Submit Button to download
  • When the download is complete you need to unzip the Among Us zip file
  • And play. There is no need to install

You will find important gaming software in the Among Us unzip file. If you face any problems then you need to install those software.

If you face any window resolution problem then you should open the “AmongUs.exe” properties. Then go to compatibility to select “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and apply then play and enjoy.

Is Among Us only on PC?

No, the Among Us game is also available for Android and IOS along with PC.

Is Among Us safe for 7-year-olds?

No, Among Us is not recommended for 7-year-old users as it has so many things that are not suitable for kids.

Can I run Among Us on my laptop?

Yes, you can run Among Us on your laptop. But remember to download it from trusted sites like Fever of Games.

Can I play Among Us alone?

No, you can not play Among Us alone. However, there are some public lobbies where you can play alone if you don’t have group of people.

How much RAM does Among Us use?

You need at least 512 MB of RAM to play Among Us. However, it is recommended to have at least 1 GB RAM.

Among Us Game download Full version for PC

Click on the below button to start the Among Us game full version for PC. You just need to unzip the downloaded file and play.